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  • What is Fractional Leadership?
    Fractional Leadership is a type of professional service where a skilled resource is contracted by a client to be embedded within its organizational structure in lieu of a full-time employed leader. Their mandate is usually to lead a specific vertical function (such as Finance, HR, IT, Sales, or marketing) or enterprise initiative (business excellence program or brand development). There are Fractional Leaders in almost every type of function including: HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, IT, Strategic Planning, Program Management, and Project Management. It is less likely to find a Fractional Leader in Operations because of the requirement for continuity, but they definitely also exist. To the extent that they may do so, Fractional Leaders may present themselves to the outside world as a full member of their client's organization. General acceptance of this approach is gathering pace. Revalot Fractional Leaders are focused on Sales & Marketing. We don't dwell on titles, but Fractional Leaders are sometimes referred to as Fractional CXO or Fractional VP.
  • What is Growth Coaching?
    Growth Coaching is an activity that is typically undertaken by a consultant with the purpose of elevating the effectiveness of individuals, groups and organizations. It involves diagnosing areas of opportunity and setting a plan of action to achieve and sustain higher performance. It can come in many forms: 1:1 coaching focusing on priority/task management and alignment with medium and long-term goals 1:1 coaching focusing on personal management (Including among others: style, time management, pro-activity, teamwork, communication, self-awareness) Group coaching focusing on establishing better group dynamics around short/medium/long-term collective goals Implementation of an Business Operating System aligned with Vision and Goals of the organization Any combination of the above Effective coaching is generally based on a methodology or framework, but it is not an absolute requirement. Revalot's coaching offering can span from dialogue to very hands on involvement in strategic initiatives and project delivery.
  • What is Presentation Coaching?
    Presenting is one of the most intimidating activities for the majority of people. Presentation Coaching is a type of service provided to help individuals improve their ability to influence audiences in presentation events. The coaching helps individuals understand how to mount presentations that can achieve desired outcomes. It can also help dispell the myths about who can be a good presenter (anyone can). The advent of AI tools has facilitated the preparation of presentations both from a multimedia standpoint. (we use some AI also to power our presentation development). However, that is only part of the equation. There is a strategic aspect of presentation planning and preparation that involves a lot of sensing, reflection, discussion and practice. Revalot's presentation coaching covers all aspects of presentation development, preparation and delivery.
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