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Growth Coaching

We accompany you through your transformation, scale-up or recovery

growth coaching


“Our organization needs to get its act together”

"Our organization is dysfunctional. No one seems to know what to do"

"We grew too fast. Things are all over the place"

Major change in internal conditions:



  • High turnover / Low engagement

  • Unclear chain of command

  • Inability to recruit for related roles


  • Scaling up

  • M&A

Major change in external conditions:


Negative employee reviews



Supply chain


Change in buying habits

Customer backlash

Service provider failure

PR setback

Why did the pain points or needs arise in the first place?


Revalot Growth Coach

Train organization on key competencies related to business growth
Accompany you through the implementation of an operating system that is durable

Structured Method Growth Attainment

growth coach running a workshop

What does a Revalot Growth Coach do?

growth coach running a meeting
  1. Facilitate development of short, medium and long term goals

  2. Helps organization develop a vision, establish goals, KPIs and Metrics

  3. Assists with the development of productive interactions

Why Revalot?

Our experts are all from critical industries that rely heavily on business excellence 

Program implementation experience

Consistent and Proven Approach

Tailored engagements based on customer objectives

Strong software partnership driving business excellence program

Is Growth Coaching right for your company?

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