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Fractional Leadership

Executive level resources to drive transformation and lead SMBs to durable sales growth

growth coaching


“Our sales are not meeting up to expectations”

"We have grown too much and need a dedicated leader to look after this"

"We don't have the budget for a full-time Sales and Marketing leader"

Major change in internal conditions:



  • Lack of focus on sales/marketing

  • Low engagement of sales force

  • Loss of key personnel

  • Inability to recruit for related roles


  • Scaling up

Major change in external conditions:




Supply chain


Change in buying habits

Customer backlash

Service provider failure

PR setback

Why did the pain points or needs arise in the first place?


Revalot Fractional Leader

Assess and understand factors and root causes of misalignment between sales results and expectations 

Lead the planning, implementation and management of enterprise sales growth initiatives  

30-40% the cost of a full-time Leader

fractional leader running meeting

What does a Revalot Fractional Leader do?

business coach leaving office
  1. Develop and implement a sales growth strategy and tactical plan

  2. Lead brand strategic development

  3. Coordinate sales force transformation

  4. Create focus around a clearly expressed value proposition

  5. Develop corresponding budget

  6. Implement a sales/marketing funnel

  7. Work with technology partners to develop sales & marketing technology stack, eCommerce programs

  8. Establish partnerships with relevant supporting companies 

  9. Coordinate channel/affiliate partnerships

Why Revalot?

11 years of Fractional Sales and Marketing Leadership

Over 50 clients served

Accompanied 3 successful exits

Proven Growth Methodology

Deep + reliable network of service and technology partners

Is Fractional Leadership right for your company?

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