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Presentation Coaching

Helping "button up" presentation events

growth coaching


“Our presentations are missing the mark”

"We just read off the slides"

"Our audience looks disengaged"

Internal conditions:


Not planning adequately for presentations

Not “rising” to the event

Misunderstanding the objective

Misunderstanding the audience

External conditions:

Committee Decision making

Poorly explained purpose of meeting

Time constraints

Why did the pain points or needs arise in the first place?


Revalot Presentation Coaching

Training organizations on rigours of presentations, regardless of the audience and purpose

Accompanying clients through the implementation of preparation process that will strengthen and emphasize the value proposition and establish full command of critical events

Changing the approach for better results


What does a Revalot Presentation Coach do?

  1. Presentation Development: Content strategy, stakeholder analysis, structuring presentation, value creation, storytelling effective use of multimedia

  2. Pre-event planning: Objection handling, response to competitive scenarios, role definition of attending members

  3. Presentation delivery: Best practices, how to end presentations, follow ups

Why Revalot?

Advanced Techniques in presentation development

Proprietary and proven approach

Strong in both Private and Public sector

Fully facilitated process

Process adaptable to any presentation type

Is Presentation Coaching right for your company?

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