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Our Team

Anna is a Growth Coach and EU lead for Revalot.

Anna is an accomplished performance coach, having worked with more than 100 individuals to help them achieve excellence professionally and personally. Anna has also authored courses in Neuro Coaching and in Customer Satisfaction. Anna has also led sales and revenue growth in the technology and healthcare sectors for the past 14 years.

Anna’s strength is centered on business growth, sales, and customer engagement. Anna believes that any growth comes through transformation, whether at the individual or collective level. For businesses seeking to grow, Anna’s razor sharp focus on process and outcomes is instrumental in helping them achieve their goals.


In her spare time, Anna spends as much time as she can in her favourite place, the cockpit of the airplanes she flies. As part of her Neuro coaching pedigree, Anna is a member of the board of neuroscientists for NPN Hub (

Anna M.

Anna V | Growth Coach
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